NC Model Casting
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Sectional data is created by converting the three-dimensional CAD data into STL format. Based on this slice data, the surface of the light curing resin (liquid form) is scanned with a laser. The part of the resin exposed to the laser beam cures and forms a thinly hardened resin layer. By creating and stacking multiple layers of thinly hardened resin, a three-dimensional model that represents the design data exactly will be developed at the end.
3D Systems Corp. SLA7000
work size 508 × 508 × 584mm

Usage laser molding machine

By using the laser molding machine, we can create master models for presentations and cast molds from the client’s data.
Laser molding machine
(3D printer)
Multiple layers of resin in the process of stacking *
Processing examples using the laser molding machine *